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Zhongshan GDS Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd was established by a group of experts who have been working in automatic glue dispensing and potting machine industry. Our machine range from samll round glue dispensing machine to big customisation line solution. Our customer came from Zhongshan local market to all over China and the world. Our machine include several types as small round gluedispensing machine for LED bulb, candle light, round lamp and electronis products, three-axis glue dispensing machine for flood light, panle light, street light, wall-washer, solar panel, home appliance, new energy industry, AB glue automatic mixing and potting machine like two coponent silicone, epoxy and PU for waterproof driver, pump, wall washer,etc. T8 glass tube glue dispensing and assembly line, back-lit panelassembly solution etc. Thanks to customers'trust.GDS Automation keeps running on the highway of development. In future,GDS Automation will strive to offer more and more glue dispensing and potting solution to our customers and of course other assembly automation field.