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    Zhongshan GDS Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongshan Xiaolan which is one of Top 10 National Famous Towns, next to “Light Capital” Guzhen. It is a company committed to research, produce and sell automatic glue dispensing and potting equipment for years.

    GDS is a leading brand in Chinese liquid control area. We have many veteran research engineers, service engineers, and project engineers who have been working in liquid control field for over ten years. We mastered advanced Germany and Japanese liquid control design methodology to pursue higher liquid control goal. The company imported advanced processing machines as bending machine, plate shearing machine, CNC milling machine, CNC turning machine etc. And also has large and bright assembly workshop to produce glue dispensing and potting machine with advanced design and guaranteed quality. Meanwhile, GDS always insists the principle of customer first. Strong and professional pre-sale and after-sale service will bring customer satisfied purchase and assured application experiences.

    With industrial upgrading and development, various glue (organic silicone, epoxy, PU etc.)  are widely used in the field of LED, automobile electronics, electrical products, new energy products, make-up products, and crafts etc.

    At the same time, trends in manufacturing industry, such as miniaturization, elaborating, large-scale, and cost degradation put forward higher requirements on glue dispensing techniques, but the reality is that there are many issues in domestic manufacturing field, such as low production efficiency, low percentage of qualified products, high labor cost and crafts difficulties etc. GDS will strive to expedite the transforming and upgrading of domestic manufacturing industry with courageous innovation.