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LED Back-lit Panel Light Assembly Solution

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LED Back-lit Panel Light Assembly Solution

LED Back-lit Panel Light or slim panel is more and more popular in the market compared with traditional edge-lit panel. Considering from assembly technic, raw material cost and lighting performance, back-lit panel light got many advantages over edge-lit ones. Along with the development of back-lit panel light production, manufacturers are trying every effort to update the assembly process with the purpose of increasing productivity, improving product quality, reducing labor cost and reducing raw material waste. Except working on raw material improvement, many Chinese manufacturers also didn’t stop thinking about panel light assembly process automation which is an important factor bringing immediate results. In recent years, GDS Automation have developed a few machines based on real panel light production line requirement. From machine with single function to integrated ones, manufactures got different option. Share as below:

1. HTD-600 Multi-heads Glue Dispensing Machine

*equipped with generally 6 dispensing heads

*one operator required, capacity is

*only automatic gluing function available


2. TC-30 On-line Multi-heads Glue Dispensing Machine

*multi-heads glue dispensing system combined with belt conveyor

*possible and convenient to connect with assembly table

*easy operation and high capacity


3. TC-60 On-line Panel Light Automatic Glue Dispensing and PCB Fixing Machine

*integrated automatic gluing, PCB fixing and belt conveyor together

*1-2 operators required, for 2by2 panel, capacity is about 250-300pcs/h

* 1 person can take charge of two lines


4. TC-90 On-line Panel Light Automatic Gluing & PCB Fixing Machine with panel loading and unloading system

*upgrade from TC-60, to save the labor cost of panel loading and unloading finished ones


5. TC-6060 Double-station Automatic Gluing and PCB Fixing Machine

* special fixture design to apply glue on the back of PCB

* while glue dispensing process done, put the panel housing downside, then PCB sticks to it

* two stations run in cycle; 2 operators required to get the capacity about 250-300pcs/h

6. ZD-600 Automatic Screw Locking Machine

* equipped with two screw feeders and two servo motor driven screw drivers

* screw feeding and locking fast and stable

In addition to the above solutions, we’ve also customized assembly lines based on some factory’s special requirement. For instance, the glue feeding system, most customers choose to use normal silicone, but also there are some customers using epoxy. Some customers even require integration of soldering, testing and automatic PCB feeding etc. There is no ”the best” one, but only “the most suitable one”. Manufacturers should choose corresponding solution based on real production demand and company development direction. If you got any enquiry about back-lit panel light assembly, just feel free to contact with GDS automation (Jenny’s wechat:13726781563).