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How to effectively guarantee dispensing accuracy of automatic dispensing machine

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   In recent years, China's sudden rapid development in science and technology, especially in the coastal area, in order to cater to the needs of industrial automation, automatic dispensing machine equipment is widely used in a wide area, such as semiconductor, electronic components, etc. Happened to the production process of automatic dispensing machine in these fields require very high, so how can we effectively guarantee the dispensing accuracy of automatic dispensing machine?

  The point glue machine, automatic dispensing machine size Settings
Automatic dispensing machine point glue machine size usually should be the half of products span, this guarantee both components have enough adhesive glue, there will be no excess glue overflow, make automatic dispensing machine dispensing speed is more rapid, accurate!
  Second, the automatic dispensing glue pressure Settings
Automatic dispensing glue set pressure is very important, automatic dispensing machine too much stress caused by the glue overflow phenomenon, the pressure is too small will be funnelled or dispensing intermittent, therefore, can not meet the required product glue process makes the product qualified rate is low and the efficiency low!
  Three, automatic dispensing glue needle selection
The automatic dispensing machine needles should be selected according to the product to choose the size and the diameter of the gel point, usually, automatic dispensing glue needle size should be half the size of the gel point, glue dispensing machine needles too much cause overflow, influence dispensing accuracy!
  Four, automatic dispensing machine needle interval between working face and Settings
Automatic dispensing machine adopts different dispensing needles are also different, some needles have a certain degree, stop some needles, and grasp the needle dispensing interval between working face and is very important, each time before dispensing work should do well in the needle and interval of the calibration of mining face.
  Five, selection of automatic dispensing machine glue viscosity
Automatic glue viscosity glue, glue point is small, easy to appear wiredrawing phenomenon, automatic dispensing machine low viscosity, gel point, glue seepage phenomenon of dyed products may occur, so the automatic dispensing machine to choose the appropriate glue viscosity is important!